Cycolinks Bike Jewellery: Our Story

Cycolinks Bike Jewellery: Our Story

Cycolinks Bike Jewellery: Our Story

Our story

“The idea of the brand came about at from a passion of bikes from a young age as I was brought up in a family of keen cyclists going back around 100 years! I wanted to combine my adoration of bikes with a desire to launch a jewellery collection. I utilized my knowledge of current trends in the jewellery world and added a classy equine twist. Bikes have always been a huge part of my life and the Cycolinks name came about from combining Cycling and our first idea of jewellery the Chain Link Bracelet to get the name Cyco-Links.


The debut collection comprised of the Cycolinks Classic Bracelet and soon emerged into the amazing quality of our new range with shiny crystal rhine stones and excellent color choices we now have! From our new range one stood out straight away and is our best seller which is the Cycolinks Rose Gold Crystal Bracelet. I wanted to make the modern look of the fabulous and popular rose gold jewellery coloring and combine that into our bike chain theme. Adding the sparkly crystal rhinestones to our modern and classy bike chain bracelet.


Why buy from Cycolinks?


The love and passion that goes into designing every piece makes Cycolinks unique and really special. The aim was always an affordable stylish brand of excellent quality. Bike enthusiasts have enough expense in their sport they adore but deserve to wear something special that highlights their passion. We offer;

- products of an exceptional quality and unique, stylish design

- personalized items which make great gifts

- easy checkout with PayPal, Visa and Mastercard

- free shipping on all orders

- cant buy in stores anywhere!


Happy Riding


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