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A Rose Gold Summer 2019!

A Rose Gold Summer 2019!

No jewellery trend has seemed to last as long and stayed with such strength as rose gold. The fashion industry has had a long history with this beautiful plated metal and now it has made a statement in the world of modern bike jewellery: it's here to stay. 
But why? 

It would seem that rose gold is the perfect colour that exists somewhere between luxury and fashion. Slightly more upmarket and opulent than sterling silver and not quite as gaudy and traditional as gold, rose gold is the perfect balance when it comes to bike-inspired jewellery in the 21st century! 

Cycolinks Rose Gold Bike Chain Bracelet

It is just as much a timeless classic as it is contemporary and modern with an added edge. Renowned as the must have metal of the moment, we at Cycolinks have done our best to satisfy the tastes of our wonderful equine loving customers by updating our iconic designs in the flawless finish that is rose gold. 

Exciting new launches of designs for Cycolinks range this Summer have arrived with rose gold as the star of the show.
Whether it be bracelets, necklaces or earrings or the stunning & unique Cycolinks Womens Quartz watch beauty and shine of rose gold as a material to craft with.

From young bike lovers on a tight budget to someone looking for a classic luxury item to last generations; with a range of price points from $15 upwards, our Cycolinks products will definitely have a stylish piece of jewellery to suit your needs and style! 

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Hoping everyone will have a brilliant summer.

Best wishes,



  • I just want you to know that I posted a photo of the watch I recently bought from you on a site I share with my fellow cycling enthusiasts. A lot of them will be buying from you!

    Irène Lau on

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