Rose Gold - Why Has It Become So Popular?

Rose Gold - Why Has It Become So Popular?

Rose Gold - Why Has It Become So Popular?

One of the biggest jewellery trends in the last few years has been the increase in popularity of rose gold.The luminous blush pink hues match any skin tone and add a touch of luxury to any piece of jewellery.

Rose Gold - Why Has It Become So Popular?

Rose Gold is by no means a new concept, it was originally developed in Russia in the 18th Century by Faberge, and called Russian Gold, until it was renamed other jewelers to Rose Gold to reflect the pinky hue of the metal. It was at its most popular in the 1920's when Cartier launched their first Rose Gold Collection.

As we travel through time, Yellow Gold was always the most favoured, until the 1980's when the silver white finish of white gold, platinum and silver were in huge demand. Customers loved the white, sparkle rhodium finish and yellow and rose gold were thought to be dated.

However the 21st century brought radical changes to the jewellery world. Jewellery was no longer simply about quality and weight, but about branding. Brands such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski and Link of London emerged. Plated jewellery was no longer looked down on as boutique jewellery, as consumers wanted a name and this marked a huge change in the jewellery industry. Silver Jewellery replaced Gold Jewellery, and the stigma of plated jewellery (making your fingers green etc) vanished as jewellery became more fashion conscious.

So what is Rose Gold Plating?

Rose Gold plating is a gold alloy mixed with copper to give the pinky tone to the gold, most companies electroplate a silver core with 4-6 microns of plating. The higher the plating, the longer lasting it will be.

How do I care for my Rose Gold Plated Jewellery?

It is important to store your jewellery in a clean, dry place, ideally in a soft cloth bag. Wash in warm soapy water ( washing up liquid) and dry in a warm room. Lightly polish with a soft cloth ( not a silver cloth as this can remove the plating) Remember that silver and plating can be affected by chemicals such as perfumes, creams and fake tans, and we advise not to wear in the shower and shampoos and shower gels can discolour.

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